Happy Happy 2020

This is a great year to focus on vision (get it: 20/20?)! I’m personally using the word FOCUS and the mantra “FOCUS UP!” as my new year tools. What word(s) are you feeling for this coming year? Let me know in the comments!

Happiest of New Years to us all!

Managing Deadlines

Here’s a short video with some great tips for managing deadlines.

Managing Deadlines with Filomena Jack

I love love love the book Atomic Habits by Jame Clear. Have you read it? Perhaps your library has it or an audio copy.

Watch this short video for some of my favorite tips for managing deadlines.

Say it with me: “YES I CAN!”

Be well!



MIU on Stitcher!

We’re super happy to announce that we’ve been approved to air on Stitcher! Can we get a “Wooo Hoooo!!”?

Find the link above, or, if you like you can still find us on iTunes and such 😉



Back in the Game!

Hello hello!

Here I am in Edinburgh near Arthur’s Seat Park. A wonderful, breezy hike!

I’m just back from a lovely and refreshing trip to Northern Ireland and Scotland. It was truly the best trip I’ve ever had and I highly suggest setting your sites on visiting this part of the world.

Here’s a photo from The Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland. It felt like magic to be here among these lava formations.

I am feeling so grateful for having these experiences. I was missing my books, my clients, and my doggo back in the US, and though vacation was terrific I feel great being back in the coaching game!

Are you ready to get in the game? Ready to work on your systems, habits, and mindset? Let’s chat, I’d be thrilled to act as your ally as you reach your goals. Email me today to start the process. CoachFilomena@gmail.com I can’t wait to work with you!

Get Out!

The last few weeks have been a struggle for me. Sleeping too much, not enough exercise…you know, the late winter “I don’t wanna” syndrome.

http://Photo by Sora Sagano on Unsplash

I’m a big fan of Dr. John Arden’s mindfulness tool: S.E.E.D.S. Balance the following areas of your life and things won’t be so draining:

Sleep (not too much, not too little)

Exercise (just do it!)

Educate (yer mind)

Diet (all the things…food, media, negative relationships)

Socialize (with other righteous folks)

As I write this I’m on one of my jaunts to NYC. Today started out with sleeting snow and muck on the ground. Earlier in the week I RSVP’d to a meetup in the hitherlands of Brooklyn. After walking the dog early this morning I began to talk myself out of schlepping ALL the way to the event [insert snark face].

I thought about just jumping back into bed.

I thought about staying in and arting all day.

Instead, I put myself together (brushed my hair AND my teeth!) and headed out for the meetup adventure.

Art work by me 🙂 http://Www.Instagram.com/FilomenaJackStudio

AND I’M SO HAPPY I DID (yup, shouting!)

The meetup was produced by Matt Rosenblum of Advanced Life Coaching https://advancedlifecoachmarketing.com/      
Go check this man out! (I’ll wait…)

I’d met Matt at another meetup a few months ago and am glad to be able to get to know him. He’s smart, thorough, and shares his knowledge freely. Win win win!

Today I also met A, an entrepreneur working on a fashion related business and M, an advocate for students and families trying to manage the world of higher learning.

It felt great to chat about our projects, and the feeling of useful focus (versus twirling thoughts that lead to burnout) was refreshing.

If you’d like to check out this fabu meetup, here’s a link: https://www.meetup.com/Life-Coaches-In-NYC/events/

She wore a Raspberry Beret!

I’m so glad I went on today’s adventure! What fun thing(s) will you be doing today? Have any other suggestions for meetups you love? Let me know!